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Full Decoration

Ideal for
15 guest (kids)


In this full decoration we have everything to have a special day, starting for digital invitation, for all your guest!!, 15 personalized gift boxes 🎁, 15 activity boxes (this is coming with color book, crayons, bubbles) like that you don't have a preoccupation about presents for kids, 10 personalized cups🥛, 10 personalized dishes 🍽 , 10 personalized forks 🍴10 personalized chips 🍭🎂(something salt is good in all celebrations), 10 personalized waters, 1 cupcakes base, 10 personalized cupcakes banners (cupcakes are not include),


10 personalized cupcakes toppers, 1 personalized backdrop📜📜,  1 backdrop metallic base, Ballons🎈🎈(20-30) Different decorative elements depends theme ! 🎎🎏🎉, 1 principal table, 2 auxiliar tables, 4 Small Wood decorative, tables(cokies bases,cupcakes base and cake base) , 1 cake base (Cake are not include), 1 Chips stand , 1 personalized caketopper , 1 Poster” welcome to my party 🪧to indicated celebrant is ready for the guest, 1 personalized banner (happy birthday) 

Delivery and transport🚗🚙

we make it from the theme you want and we guarantee a spectacular decoration with which you and your guests will be impressed!

1 month in advance to separate the date


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