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Nathalia Varela


Industrial and Digital Designer, CEO in this beautiful company with more than 6 years of experience about party decoration and event planner. 


Fest Design Company was founded for the whole purpose of helping with personalized decorations for any type of events, from birthdays, gender reveals, first communions, San Valentines, babyshowers graduations, weddings, etc.

One of our products is the party box, the party box has over 52 personalized pieces. The party box comes completely ready to set up your event, you only have to take the pieces out of the box and put then on the table and surroundings that the individual wants to decorate.

We can customize the box any way the customer wants. We ship to any state in the United States. Over the past year and a half our company have exponentially grow and we are looking foward to a bright future.

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